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The Deep Dive, is an immersion journey with the incredibly powerful tool of astrology, a totally unique energetic blueprint of who you are and a personal roadmap to work with timing and the spiraling cycles for greater flow, growth, perspective and emerging opportunities. As all life is connected, the energy of the cosmos is reflected within you, based on the time, place and date of your birth. Anchoring into your natal chart, is like a homecoming for your soul; nourishing, validating, empowering, grounding and inspiring. Astrology is a tool that can light up your whispers of deep soul longings and help you strengthen your self attunement, intuition and inner guide to live with greater vitality, creativity, connection and alignment.     

We will go deep into your natal chart, looking at your innate strengths and talents as well as shedding light and perspective on the challenges. By understanding karmic patterns and habits of thinking, feeling and action that are revealed in the chart, there is a greater opportunity for accelerating conscious growth through increased awareness of unconscious patterns that are no longer serving you. 


The natal chart reveals what areas of life you have chosen to shine in and focus on. We are so so much more than our sun signs and there are many layers to be revealed. Each planet in your chart represents an aspect of your consciousness. The greater your subtle awareness, the more opportunity there is to work with, process and heal what repeatedly triggers and challenges. There is no area of life that is not reflected in one's natal chart! 

Once you get anchored into your natal chart we will weave in the transits (current planetary positions) and progressions (timing technique), to gain understanding on what is being activated at the present moment and then look at the opportunities ahead to help map out and plan. There are many ways the energy can manifest, so it can also be very insightful to look at past cycles to bring forth greater perspective to the present moment. 

Three sessions creates a valuable container for reflection, Q&A and greater takeaways than just a single session. This foundation will enable more impactful takeaways from follow up consultations. 

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"Cosmos is a Greek word for the order of the universe. It is, in a way, the opposite of Chaos. It implies the deep interconnectedness of all things. It conveys awe for the intricate and subtle way in which the universe is put together." - Carl Sagan

Natal Chart Deep Dive

(1st time or returning clients)

3x 1 hour  /   $333

Image by Natalie Acheatel

Natal Chart Check In

(Returning clients)

90 min  /   $155

As energy is in constant flux, so to are our life experiences. This session is a great way to check in when needed, either to plan ahead or better understand challenges by seeing what is currently being activated in your natal chart. Transits (Many people find it very helpful to check in once a year. Sometimes, during more intense periods, it is helpful to have extra support of a few sessions throughout the year. 

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