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Cosmic Roots Astrology

Astrological Consultations with
Karin Johnson
When you don't follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.
~Dane Rudhyar

Karin has a gift. As much as I’ve experienced astrological consultations over the years, it's not a language that I know and she made it easy to understand and relevant to what I have been experiencing. Karin helped me with support on how to move forward and I love her presence and energy.

Danielle Hougard, 

Love and Intimacy Mentor


Interesting Facts:
  • In have a metal & rock sculpture in downtown Truckee, CA called 'Uplifted'
  • In 2016 after a 2 year effort, I helped open a non-profit makerspace in Truckee called Truckee Roundhouse.  
  • I'm a licensed Architect
  • Backacking is one of my favorite ways to spend time in nature. In 2004 I spent 30 days completing the John Muir Trail (plus off trail exursions) in the Sierras

Introspective Bio:

I'm insatiably curious about the deep and subtle undercurrents of the universe and the interconnectedness of life. With this, comes a genuine interest in seeing the uniqueness of each one of us unfold into fullness both individually and in community.


I weave between the depths and the heights.


I’m intrigued by the vastness of the unseen realms, the metaphysical. High elevations; whether in urban places, in nature, or zooming way out in my mind through an astrological lens, brings a detached perspective that has helped in navigating the wildest storms.


A keen observer, I'm equally fascinated with the often overlooked detail in people and in nature. I see beauty and potency in the breakdown, and decay, giving way to new life that follows. The deep dives and being present to my body and emotions has composted matter into rich soil for new growth.

Recently, I realized I have also been (for much of my life) navigating the ever revealing deepest resources of the heart and the expansion that is available by going ALL the way down and in...loosening blockages, separations, fear and grief in its various forms....a journey of courage, endurance, patience and most importantly compassion and self love. 


I love the juxtaposition of the ephemeral and the eternal, and these cycles of life that slowly transform and reveal more of our true essence.

Astrology came into my life at a significant low point (my Saturn return) at age 29, when the lack of resonance with the path I was on, became very depleting and I felt aimless. The ‘noise’ of external influences were difficult to separate...and I felt such a strong calling to reconnect with the depths of my being, my voice, my desires and my creativity.  


An early perception of untapped creative potential of the human world, lacking connection between humans and the natural world, and a need to understand why I struggled to find a place in it, led me on a quest of constantly seeking for the something more or beyond that I felt, but had no words to describe.


Contemplative time in the natural world brought me the closest connection to this unseen realm...and to myself. Occasionally a treasured deep connection with another would arise that would fuel my vitality. 

Before 29, my only knowledge of astrology (while intriguing) was of my Libra sun sign....which felt too surface level and never felt very satisfying (Though Linda Goodman's 'Sun Signs' did challenge that). Little did I know, there was A WHOLE LOT more to it!


I was very lucky to have had a mind-blowing first natal chart reading with Robert Ayres at Astrological Alchemy, who, not too long after, became my teacher in the context of a small local cohort.


It was as if I had been waiting my whole life for this fall in love so deeply with a body of knowledge that completely captivated my mind and heart...AND to have found a tool (of ancient origin!), a map, a uniquely personal compass, for personal growth and endless insight, that anchored me into this universe, validated my struggles and the growth opportunities they presented, and connected me to my innate gifts (some of them only existed as a barely perceptible whisper).


Not only that, but I learned how we unfold over time by connecting continuous movements of the planets to timing opportunities for growth and healing challenging Karma (patterns of thinking, feeling and action). 


Nearly 10 year after that first reading, the love has not dwindled and I'm excited to share with you, what I have learned over the last decade.         



Thanks for reaching out!

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